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Software Applications

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EMCMAINT (EMC Maintenance Software) is a CMMS, web-based application providing automated planned maintenance to the operating units. It is Maintenance, Stores and purchasing system which is applied by Industry to plan maintenance for key Production and Facility based machinery while managing their stock usage and purchasing requirements. It provides wider portability, better network performance & accessibility.

EMCCTS (EMC Commissioning Tracking System) is a commissioning tracking tool that provides guidance on the roles and responsibilities of different authorities involved in the process of a project completion. Also, it generates a documentation database for equipments and plants which can be interpreted to assist other management functions. Its main objective is to verify and document that the system is designed and built to fulfill its purpose and specified requirements.

EMCRMS (EMC Reliability Management System) software package enables companies to conduct rigorous analysis of individual assets and entire systems for the purpose of identifying the causes of potential failures and then implementing strategies to prevent failures from occurring. RCM analysis serves as a powerful mechanism for developing an in-depth understanding of equipment functions and failures.

EMCRBI (EMC Risk Based Inspection) takes the first step toward an integrated risk management program. In the past, the focus of risk assessment has been on-site safety-related issues. Presently, there is an increased awareness of the need to assess risk resulting from: On-site risk to employees, Off-site risk to the community, Business interruption risks, and Risk of damage to the environment.

Other Software Applications:

  • EMCDMS (Documents Management System).
  • EMCCV (Curriculum Vitae Application).
  • EMCFU (Follow-up Application).
  • EMCITS (Invoice Tracking Application).
  • EMCKPI (Key Performance Indicators).
  • EMCTA (Tools & Assets Management Application).
  • EMCMMS (Material Management System).
  • EMCPPE (Personal Protective Equipments Application).

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