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PSVs Calibration

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PSVs Calibration Activities
  • Site procedures
    • Conduct T.B.T for the working Team
    • Issue the permit for the Job
    • Organize with the process personnel to mechanically de-isolate the valve
    • Vent the valve
    • Perform gas test to assure 0% LEL
    • Using proper tools, start dismantling the valve
    • Using inspected lifting gears, lift the valve on the truck
    • Install blind flanges for the pipe line
  • Test Bench method Statement
    • Select the proper seal ring according to valve size and fix on test bench
    • Use proper lifting equipment to rig the valve vertically on the test bench
    • Using attached tables, select the proper clamping pressure
    • Start clamping the valve with the three- Jaw clamp ( note that the valve output should be directed inner wards for safety reasons)
    • Enter the valve data and the valve set pressure
    • Close the vent valve of the machine and start pressurizing
    • Close the pressure valve as soon as the valve pops
    • Leave the valve pressurized for about one minute and notice the computerized graph
    • Vent the pressure
    • Print the test results
    • If the results are not accepted ( by the software), then the valve needs repair
    • Unclamp the valve and dismantle for repair
    • If the valve leaks slightly ( the slope of the curve goes down), then perform leak test on the valve
    • Select the proper leak test flange and connect to the bubble tester
    • After clamping the valve, pressurize to 0.9 of the set pressure
    • Start bubble counter and notice the results.
    • Print the results. If the results are not accepted ( by the software), then the valve needs repair
    • If the results are accepted, print the final report, which includes the valve data, set pressure results & leakage results.
  • Safety precautions for working on test bench
    • Trained person must work on the unit
    • PPE is obligatory during working on the unit.
    • Be sure that the machine is filled with air
    • Check the three Jew clamps that they are working
    • Before mounting or removing the valve on the clamping desk, the unit must be ventilated.
    • Oil and grease may never be used at gas test.
    • When using cylinder pressure reducer, the pressure reducer connector must directly made with the cylinder valve connection, the use of adapter is not permitted.
    • Maintenance and repair may only be performed by trained expert.
    • Vent valve is set at the factory setting during assembly and don't need further adjust.
    • Never open on loosen vessel cover tube connection parts under pressure. always depressurize vessel before opening.
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